an exhibition of collaborative works by artists and poets

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The Poetic Dialogue Project, curated by artist Beth Shadur, is an
ongoing project of collaboration between contemporary artists
and poets, who have created new works of art by responding to
the muse of each other’s works. This project came about after a
wonderful meeting of hearts and minds in 2004 at the Ragdale
Foundation between poet Lois Roma-Deeley and Shadur, as
both explored the parallel creative process of artist and poet.   
The Project has so far consisted of two exhibitions, the first in
2004 in which 21 visual artists were paired with 6 poets, and
created visual works of art in response to the poetry of their
chosen poet. In 2005, a second exhibition emphasized works of
ekphrasis, where works of visual art themselves become the
muse for each poet. This time, the 21 artists were paired with 10
poets from around the United States, who chose a work of
visual art from which to write. The excitement of this project
has been in the creation of new works, and in artist and poet
taking their work in new directions.  Poets are creating pictures
through words, while artists are thinking of text and memoir in
relationship to their work.  The creative process has been
enriched by this collaboration; The Poetic Dialogue Project will
continue this process in future collaborations of text and image.

As part of the Poetic Dialogue Project, there have been various
public programs of poetry readings, and artist/poet dialogues to
further enrich the process. Artists and poets have expressed
their passion for and embracing of potential new directions in
their work. Both exhibitions traveled to various national
venues, including university galleries; the programs from both
exhibitions were included in the Chicago Humanities Festival in
2004 and 2005; and a program was included in the International
Conference on Arts in Society in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006.  
The Project was recently published in the International Journal
of Arts in Society in Melbourne, Australia.

Beth Shadur is currently curating the next exhibition and
planning programs of The Poetic Dialogue Project, in which 31
prominent national artists will be paired with 31 award-
winning poets, so that each pair can create a truly collaborative
work of art, integrating text and visual art.  She is currently
finalizing venues for the exhibition to travel in 2009 and
beyond, on a national and perhaps international basis. The first
exhibition is planned for January through March 2009 at the
Chicago Cultural Center.  
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