Lynn Takata, LR Berger
The Space  Between
cast glass
2" x 9" x 20"

Excerpt from, Hands

We must report our own news...
how on a plane over Nevada
a white haired woman
with a window seat
tracked a pair of hands
across the topography of desert
beneath her...clouds
casting two perfect
hand shadows.

They were moving in tandem,
the two hands and the earth
and that open space
they maintained
between them, a space not empty
but full and charged
like the space
between the woman on the plane
and the rest of her life.

She intends to describe this
when she gets home
in her notebook
Inconceivable Facts
and Extraordinary Sightings
because the notebook of the world
is already filled
with its own inconceivable
which hands are coming to harm
or take something from us.

The woman on the plane
watches shadows dissolve
then regards
her own blotched hands
with a tenderness
reserved for inconceivable
facts. She offers them,
one at a time, a long
overdue thank you…

            --LR Berger
                                                              COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                                           Artist Lynn Takata and Poet LR Berger

We found ourselves in deep conversation over the phone fairly quickly. What was happening in our daily
lives became a backdrop, ground, or sometimes an element in the conversations. Much of our
collaboration later was through exchanges of emails of drawings and poems.

After considering a wide range of different themes, we moved forward on the theme of hands. We
encountered in our exchanges places where our differences challenged the collaborative process.  It was
satisfying to find our way around and through these momentary differences.  The authentic sharing only
strengthened our respect for and commitment to the work and each other.