Elizabeth Mears, L. Lindsey Mears
Wild Winds of Days
Glass book: kiln-formed, sand-blasted,
painted, photo images, zinc, steel
Stems: glass, formed at bench torch,
24" x 40" x 12"

Wild Days of Winds

These are the wild days of winds.
Howling from the East, relentlessly they batter.

The dunes are shifting,
Particles swept by unseen forces
Into new relationship,
While angel wings rise
From edge of curling wave and whirl into vapor.
Unchosen paths for journey to unknown end.

Down to lands end, the brink,
The edge of the abyss.
Wait without thought in the churning
For revelation of the truth of it.

Some unknown answer ever to be revealed?

 --L. Lindsey Mears
                                                                COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                             Artist Elizabeth Mears and Artist/ Poet L. Lindsey Mears

Artistic collaborations can be difficult, especially if the artists have a previous and long relationship, which
takes precedence; such is our collaborative life.  We are mother and daughter and each an artist in her
own right.  Our individual artistic lives are overflowing with projects to which we are each devoted.  The
collaboration becomes a third person in which there is constant creation, referral, consultation, withdrawal,
compromise, agreement and energy depletion.  Time gets in the way and devotion to the collaboration
waxes and wanes.  Sometimes one of us is the poet; sometimes it is the other.  Lindsey Mears is the
photographer and chooses the images to convey the poetry.  Elizabeth Mears makes the glass.  We both
apply the images and together ink the pages.  The creation that results is birthed by that third person, who
exists due to the two overlapping energy fields of each of us as individual artists.  As collaboration ends,
we mourn the loss but excitedly engage in our individual creative endeavors.