Kim Laurel, Michael Burkard
mixed media collage on Rives BFK Paper
28" x 28"


red as in gallop -
one part map of water
as in map of "i thought" -
better moon not in sight -

for my next dove i am
bringing a "willingness /
to live" as Creeley writes
in "Later (10)" from Later -

later lives an ease - a memory
of the speed of the horse and
the eyes of the horse - the speed
took everyone by surprise -

i sang my heart out but
it was nowhere to be found
- i had help but i could not
help myself - maybe no

"willingness / to live" -
you are walking now to a horse
that is next to the other -
a square patch of grass

flanks of one your brothers
before the comedy of the horse
galloping away with you begins -
who would have thought the sun

through so many trees would
still feel this bright -
spaces make up much of
his day - his daylight is

missing for a moment because
he is new here and the horses
are new to him - which to ride
among friends riding - he thinks /

he thinks of making his
hands his livelihood -
magic/ escapes - later some
idea of healing will take

place of these - the background -
the so-called masses - but you
are watching me one
at a time - maybe two -

of the two horses remaining
to be ridden one is beside the
grey rocks and the other feels
from here like a big city -

as if the horse has as many
stories to tell as a fragment
of the big city would also
have to tell –

                        --Michael Burkard
                                                              COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                                     Artist Kim Laurel and Poet Michael Burkard

Our poetic dialogue is tentative but genuine.
It is based on a generational trust.
It proceeds with a kind of faith —
a faith from a time of ideals where just enough technology was consciously discernible and yet

We didn't trade recipes or shop together.
We rallied when it was necessary.
He with his accolades and computer problems.
She with a 9 to 5 job in the private sector.
She in her burrow. He on the road.
And so it was done without wasting many utilities.