Jane Hammond, Barry Shwabsky
Suite of four paintings
on panels
24" x 18"
Courtesy of Galerie LeLong, New York, NY
Untitled Text

1. Look forward and backward.

2. Try counting the pips you can’t see.

3. Get your outfit ready for Eden.

4. Let music fade into the air.

            --Barry Schwabsky
                                                                  COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                                      Artist Jane Hammond and Poet Barry Schwabsky

Jane Hammond’s intention was to create a genuine synergy between images and words.  Therefore, the
images could not be complete in themselves—they had to leave room for the words.  Additionally, she
felt that the images should not precede the words in every case—it should work both ways.  So in the
first two cases she made images and showed them to Schwabsky.  Schwabsky then created a four part
text—not a two part text.  So, in the third and fourth case, the language preceded the images.  
Hammond reflects that, “of course, I think we were also both working towards some feeling of a set—a
unity of the four images together into a larger whole.”