Deborah Adams Doering, Eloise Klein Healy
Rest: An Installation
mixed media installation
(clay paper "0"s, custom woven
cotton mats and cushions, carbon sepia
prints on bamboo paper)
12' x 12' x 12'

rest   so   solitary

an away

                           a sibilant quartet
        of reedy winds
blowing beyond and back

        a want so solely   more

                             than body need


         intangible in the overhang

of effort to find   it

--Eloise Klein Healy
                                                                 COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                            Artist Deborah Adams Doering and Poet Eloise Klein Healy

We are two artists with a common desire to be actively engaged in our respective fields, yet maintain a
sense of “resting” in the many pursuits in which we are both happily, albeit sometimes frantically,
engaged. Mediating or embodying dual states of being, such as unrest and rest, is shared by artists
working in the fields of literature and visual arts.
It may be somewhat paradoxical that "rest" would apply to creativity. But the creative has its own
calendar, and to stand aside from "busyness" is often what invites the spirit of innovation to blossom
from within.
Viewers are invited to participate in the installation by either sitting on cushions or lying down on mats,
offering a change in perspective from the upright stance one usually takes when viewing art in a public
setting.  In laying prone on the provided mats, reading poetry, and contemplating the "O's" suspended
above, participants are invited to physically partake in the "touchpoint” intangible in the overhang of
effort to find [rest]" before returning to an active upright position.
The poem
“Rest” appears in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, as part of the installation.
Translations were completed under the supervision of Eloise Klein Healy. Deborah Adams Doering
created an edition of 5 hand-embossed prints of each translation on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper using
Carbon-Sepia inks on an Epson printer. Doering also worked with Oriole Mill, Hendersonville, NC,
creating custom fabric for the mats and cushions.