Kay Campbell, Karen Brennan
Garden of the Same Old Story
silkscreen group of prints
21" x 10" each
Garden of The Same Old Story

When re-peated
The systematic rose
Becomes distressed

—ravished by over-determinedness

bleaker & bleaker
less sure of who she was

when she was once
so only

 --Karen Brennan        
                                                       COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                              Artist Kay Campbell and Poet Karen Brennan

We began with the images produced by Kay Campbell—a tagged series of rose branches
cast in encaustic and sent as jpg files to inspire Karen Brennan’s poem.   Ultimately, Kay
Campbell changed the encaustic display to a digital presentation and used a type font to
print the words of the poem across the series of images.  Karen Brennan’s poem, a sort of
play on Gertrude Stein’s  famous repeating rose, is meant to reverberate with the repeated
images of rose branches/thorns as well as to suggest the emotional undertones of the
image(s):  difficulty, loneliness, regret.