Jane Fulton Alt, Michael Ryan
Ill Wind
mixed media
(photograph, beeswax, masonite board)
30" x 30"

Ill Wind                

 Ill Wind first appeared in The New Yorker           

Two red birds
high on a wire
one said love
one said fire

Two black birds
deep in a tree
one said you
one said me

But wind came up
and tossed them away
no one hears
what they say

 --Michael Ryan
                                                       COLLABORATIVE STATEMENT
                                               Artist Jane Fulton Alt and Poet Michael Ryan

Jane Fulton Alt sent Michael Ryan a number of images to familiarize him with her work. He chose
a photograph for which he had a strong affinity, and wrote a poem in response. The poem was
etched on the waxed surface of the photograph then melted. As the words blended with the
image, something otherwise inarticulate seemed to become embodied in the connection between
this particular poem and this particular photograph altered in this particular way.